Detailed booking Terms

Bookings made for “Essex Photo Studio”,  or “Natasha Worby – Make-up artist” will all be charged via Worby Ltd.

When making any booking you are agreeing to the full terms an conditions of Worby Ltd.

When using any of Worby Ltd’s premises you are liable for any damage caused to the premises, equipment and stock – including hair and make-up supplies, photography equipment and props.

The person making the booking is liable for any damages caused to the studio, the equipment, the internal and external structures and any damages will be charged for accordingly. The last person to use the premises will be held liable for any damage unless proved otherwise.

The studios standard rates apply for up to 10 people being in the studio at any one time. Any larger groups will be required to pay a holding deposit of £5 per person (which will be returned in full should no accidents occur) and also an additional pro-rata rate. This is due to the increases risk of damage.

The booker will be shown around the studio prior to the booking and will also be required to wait for the post-booking checks to take place at the end of the booking.

The booker is held responsible for model release forms, safety and any staff they employ to assist or work with them at Essex Photo Studio.

The booker is required to tidy/clean the studio and leave it in a satisfactory state. Should this not happen then they will be charged for the time it takes to tidy/clean the studio.

We do not allow porn, full adult work, paint throwing, gunging or any other activity that could cause excess mess in the studio. Should this occur the shoot will be stopped immediately and the booker will be liable for full costs and also any clean up costs and or redecorating involved.

No beauty or makeup products that belong to Essex Photo Studio may be used by those hiring the studio unless otherwise agreed.

All property of Worby Ltd is checked prior to each booking and once again at the end of a booking to ensure that everything is accounted for. Should an item be missing the person who last used the studio will be held responsible unless proven otherwise.

Should the client wish to tear off any  length of a colorama paper roll they must first ask permission from the studio manager. Upon removing any length of material the client will be charged a fee to cover the costs of the roll. This is charged at £5 per metre.

Worby Ltd accepts cash, personal cheque, bankers draft, or BACS transfer.

When making a booking for any of Worby Ltd’s businesses (Essex Photo Studio or Natasha Worby – Make-up Artist) a 25% deposit is required to secure the booking. If Worby Ltd receives no deposit the booking is not confirmed.

Deposits are non refundable if the booking is cancelled within 14 days of the booking date.

The remaining 75% of the total is due prior to the booking date. This can be in advance or on the date at the start of the session.

Should the client cancel the booking within 7 days of the booking date there will be 50% of the total booking fee payable.

Should the client cancel within 48 hours of the booking 75% of the total amount will be payable.

If the client does not pay the full amount of the booking by the date of the booking the full amount we become due immediately.

Should the client not turn up to their booking without prior contact with Worby Ltd they will be liable for the full costs of the original booking.

Worby Ltd can accept payments in 4 or less instalments. When this method is chosen the above conditions still apply.

Worby Ltd does not keep a record of your payment details. No credit or debit card information or bank details are stored by Worby Ltd.

Worby Ltd does not offer “tabs” to accrue payments.

Worby Ltd may, at times, come to an agreement with the client. This agreement will be confirmed in writing.

Should the client not pay the full amounts required then interest will be accrued at a rate of 5% above the Bank of England’s rate on the outstanding balance until such time as the balance is paid in full.

We reserve the right to seek recovery of any monies outstanding should the balance remain outstanding for sixty days from the date of invoice via collection agencies or the Small Claims court in the event that the amount does not exceed £3000. In such circumstances the client shall be liable for any and all additional administrative and court costs.

Returned Cheques will incure a £20 charge to cover banking fees and administrative costs. In the event of a returned cheque we reserve the right to refuse cheque payments in the future and shall insist on cash only transactions. In the event of a returned cheque Worby Ltd will cancel any booking made until full cash payment is received. Should no payment be received points 2 to 7 will still be applicable

All gift certificates must be paid for in full at time of purchase, unless otherwise agreed by Worby Ltd or Essex Photo Studio or Natasha Worby

Gift vouchers/certificates are valid for 6 months after the date of issue.

Should the gift certificate not be used within 6 months they will become void.

The certificate is only available for the item listed on the certificate and is not transferable to any other product offered by Worby Ltd or any of its businesses.

Gift certificates must be produced in their original form in order to be valid. No photocopies or other duplication will be accepted.

All images, which are taken by Natasha Worby, are owned solely by Natasha Worby. NW is the copyright holder and does not allow images to be reproduced, altered, sold, or distributed without consent. Failure to seek consent for anything outside of personal use (inclusive of publication of images in any media) will result in action being taken.

Any person undergoing a make-over involving make-up/cosmetic products will be required to sign a form stating any allergies. Should they not accurately state any allergies NW will not be liable for any reactions that may occur.

Should a model be booked privately by a photographer for a shoot at Essex Photo Studio, Worby Ltd is not responsible for the photographer or model.