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Worby Ltd are passionate about helping those in the industry. Not only to help models, photographers and stylists further their career but also to help protect models from scams.

We are constantly working on advice articles that are relevant and up to date with current industry legislation and guidelines. We offer free advice to anyone who seeks it, so long as we have the knowledge to give that advice. If we are unable to offer the advice directly we will most certainly be able to point you in the direction of another business who can.

Worby Ltd is approved by the Institute of Modeling and is a registered member, both as an agent and listed on their recommended studios and make-up artist lists. The Institute of Modeling offers amazing guidance and advice to the industry and is involved in several campaigns to protect models. You can find a wealth of advice on their site, so if we cant help you with modelling advice, they will be able to.

Latest Articles

Autumn/Winter 2010 make-up looks

How to achieve the seasons hottest make-up looks

How to apply false eyelashes

Guide on how to apply different types of false eyelashes

Perfect make-up

Advice on how to apply make-up

Yaby Cosmetics – A Magical Find

Review of Yaby cosmetics. A professional make-up brand designed by a professional make-p artist for professional make-up artists.

Types of Modelling

Advice on the different modelling types and categories and what the requirements are.

Modelling and Eating Disorders: Are they linked?

Discussion into whether the industry is responsible for the rise in eating disorders

Model Safely

Important safety advice for models

What to take to a photoshoot

Tips on what you may need for a photoshoot

What makes a model a model?

A discussion into what really distinguishes a pretty face or a good body from a true model.

Protecting Models from Scams

Some basic advice on how to avoid scams, how to spot scam model agents and how to stay safe in the industry.

Model Agency Regulations

Information on what an agent should do and what is expected of them along with useful and important links

Models Posing Tips

Tips on what poses work best for different body shapes and different styles of modelling,

Acronyms and abbreviations for Models

A list of abbreviations used in the industry, explaining their meaning and the industries opinion on their usage

Healthy Eating – the importance of breakfast

Discussion around major food groups, how to maintain a balanced and healthy diet and why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.