Yaby Cosmetics – a magical find

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Those who are not make-up artists or who haven’t worked closely with a make-up artist may not have any idea about Yaby. It is a very well kept new industry secret.

Yaby was created by a professional make-up artist, Liz Yu, when she was trying to condense her kit into a small, yet extremely effective and efficient workable kit. Many professional cosmetics come in full size bottles and containers, meaning that make-up artists have to lug heavy products or decanter the products into smaller pots. It also manes that make-up artists often have products go “off” as they haven’t used them all. Therefore they waste time depotting and also waste unused product and money on a colour they very rarely use.

Yaby is fantastic as it is very cost effective, especially for such a highly pigmented professional product. All products come in small pans, tubes or palette, meaning you are less likely to have any waste. Liquid foundations come in small tubes, which aren’t completely full, allowing the user to create a custom blend directly in the tube. the fact the pans and tubes are smaller means you use far less space in your kit. All Yaby products are packed full of pigment and you only need the smallest amount to make an impact.

I LOVE the cream foundations and concealers. They come in small pans that can be placed into a freestyle palette (either one of Yabys or the Z Palette) and you only need the smallest amount to cover blemishes and even out skin tone. I also adore the eyeshadows. They are rich in colour, soft, easy to blend and look amazing on camera and in real life. If you use them with a damp brush the colour pops and looks phenomenal!

As Yaby is a Canadian invention, it isnt widely available here in the UK. However, you can purchase the majority of the products fromĀ www.themakeupartistboutique.com and if you are an industry professional email them and you will be able to get a fantastic 20% discount!!

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