How to apply false eyelashes

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False lashes are huge in the make-up world once again. People are opting for a variety of styles and application methods, from DIY individual and strip lashes to full on eyelash extensions. There is good reason for the trend too. They help open up the eye, enhance them and can also help change the shape if applied the right way.

To apply false lashes;

  1. Before applying any type of lash ensure the eyelids are clean and oil free. The glue wont adhere if there is any oil on the skin. Make-up free cleansed eyelids are best.
  2. Choose your lash type and lengths. lashes come in various styles and forms. From very natural looking individual eyelashes and strip lashes to this heavy “natural” lashes to wild and crazy colourful lashes. The choice is yours.
  3. Measure the lashes against your own eye, they are often too wide for most eyes, and trim accordingly – taking away a little at a time.
  4. Once the size is perfect, apply glue. There are 2 methods for this: Applying directly to the lash or applying to a palette/back of a clean hand and dragging the lash through. Once the glue is applied allow it to go slightly tacky as this allows for a better grip.
  5. Begin applying as close to the natural lash line as possible. Start at the inner corner and press gently to the outer corner. Some people find using fingers a little cumbersome, so feel free to use tweezers to hold in place and a cotton bud to press.
  6. If you are using individual lashes start at the outer corner with the longer lashes and work inwards placing shorter ones closer to the inner corner. You will only need a few lashes to achieve a natural look.
  7. Once the lashes are in place you can apply a small amount of mascara to blend your natural lash to the false eyelashes.
  8. Blend the false eyelash line with your natural lash line using an eyeliner in a matching colour.
  9. Finish the rest of your make-up look.

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