Autumn/Winter 2010 make-up trends

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As the days get shorter and the weather turns colder along comes another trend in make-up. Summer 2010 saw pretty pastel eyes, natural looking dewy foundation and pink, pink, pink and more pink for lips. However, Autumn/winter has taken a turn to the dark side, with winged smokey eyes in blacks, burnt golds and oranges and dark berry and even black lips. The classic red lip is still very much “in” as is the traditional smokey eye.

To create the perfect winter look always start with a fantastic complexion. Skin should appear as flawless as possible without looking too fake or as though foundation has been caked on. Cover any dark circles and blemishes with a good foundation and concealer and set with a translucent or colour free powder.

If you wish to create a Gold, burnt orange and dark-brown/black smokey eye as seen at Christian Dior then:

  1. start with a very light, bright yellow gold and sweep from the inner corner of the eye over the whole lid area.
  2. Get a bronze/burnt orange shade and start from the inner third of the eyes, around the point where your iris is then sweep all over the eyelid, above the socket line and continue up to just above the socket line and onto the brow bone.
  3. Sweep the colour out at the corners and in a soft fine line under the eye
  4. Next take a deep-brown/black to contour the outer corners and outer third of the eye. Then take under the eye and stopping two thirds of the way inwards
  5. Blend blend blend to ensure there are no harsh lines and that all 3 colours merge beautifully, giving a soft, smokey effect.
  6. Finish by lining the inner rims of the eye for added impact and add a few coats of mascara

If you are opting for a bold lip, either the traditional red lip or something deeper then its best to opt for natural eyes and cheeks.

  1. Prep the lips to ensure they are smooth. Use a lip exfoliator, or a toothbrush, to scrub away any dead skin and then apply lip balm (vaseline is great too!)
  2. Ensure there is no lip balm left on the lips as it will prevent lip colour staying put.
  3. To give a modern and more subtle twist to the red lip opt for a lip stain. apply the stain with a brush, your fingers or a cotton bud and press lips together to help set and dry.
  4. For the ultimate starlet red lip, start with a red lipliner and line the whole lip and fill in with the liner. Blot with a tissue. Applying liner to the whole lip area helps keep lipstick in place and should the lipstick come off you will be left with a great lip stain.
  5. Fill in lips with a matching red lipstick, you can choose any finish you like. Use a lip brush for ultimate precision.
  6. Blot lips with tissue and reapply lipstick for added stay put power.
  7. An old Hollywood trick for extra staying power is to separate a 2 ply tissue, so you have one very fine sheet, hold against your lips and then press translucent powder through the tissue with a make-up brush.

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