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Modelling is a great job, but it does come with some dangerous aspects so it is always best to follow basic safety guidelines to ensure you are not put in any unnecessary danger.

Always make your levels clear

It is always important to make it clear to the photographer what levels you are willing to work to. If you feel the photographer wants you to shoot to a level that you are uncomfortable with then do not do the shoot. If you have made your levels clear and the photographer puts pressure on you at the photoshoot then you should quit the shoot if you feel safe to do so. Also, even if you have agreed to shoot to a certain level and then change your mind upon meeting the photographer (you may not feel 100% comfortable going topless or you may feel very comfortable and be happy to try something new) then that is your choice. You should not be made to feel guilty for changing your levels, that is your prerogative.

Be certain on date, time and location

Always have the date, time and location of a photoshoot in writing and give the details to someone else so that they know where you are. If the photographer changes the location at the last minute to a venue you are not comfortable with then you should say so. If you are still happy to continue the shoot but feel a little awkward about it, you are within your rights to ask to bring a chaperone along.

Make sure someone knows where you are at all times

Always pass the details onto a friend or family member so that someone is always aware of where you are. Give them the location, how long you are expected to be there, the photographers name, the names of any other models or stylists and any contact details you have for them. That way, should you be late and your mobile phone dies your friends have a contact for you.

Never go somewhere or do something that makes you uneasy

If there is anything that makes you feel unsure or uneasy when planning a shoot then do no go ahead with it. Before you do anything make sure you are totally sure it is safe and legitimate. Make sure all the necessary precautions have been taken and that any necessary forms have been signed and always get as much in writing as you can.

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