Acronyms and Abbreviations for Models

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In the world of modelling there are hundreds of acronyms and abbreviations, especially on the internet forums and social networking sites. Here is a comprehensive list of everything a model will need to know.

TFCD = Time for CD

TFP = Time for Print

TF* = Time for (fill in the gap)

All TF work means that no parties are getting paid to be involved, sometimes the cost of travel is agreed. However, all parties will receive images from the shoot. Should any of the parties use the images for financial gain without informing all involved or without giving everyone a cut of the fee there can be large implicaitons.

SAS = Share a studio

This is where the cost of hiring a studio space is split between the team involved in the photoshoot. Everyone from the model, to the make-up artist and photographer pay a little towards the studio. However, the SAS is often also done in conjunction with a TF shoot.

MUA = Make-up artist

GWC = Guy With Camera

Often an amateur photographer, often used in a derogatory way to state that a person is not very good or they are bot necessarily the safest person to shoot with, implying they are potentially a pervert.

TOG = Photographer. Many dislike this word, especially the more advanced photographers. It is used more on networking sites and in emails rather than in face to face and telephone conversations.

MOD = Model

This is an ongoing list. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to email

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