Essential Make-up Brushes

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Get the tools right and everything will follow – Your magic wands BRUSHESGood quality brushes are ESSENTIAL for anyone who regularly wears make-up, especially for a working make-up artist. This is one profession where you really can blame the tradesman really can blame the tools. Each brush is made for a specific use, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it for that. You will find ways of working with your brushes that work for you and for the product you are using at that time.1. Fine tipped eyeliner brush.Perfect for creating precise lines and also excellent for concealing tiny areas.
2. Large and Medium rounded eye-shadow brush.Rounded brushes are perfect for working into the natural contours of the eye and giving a soft blended edge. A square edged brush will give a more solid, harsh line.
3. Small rounded eye-shadow and concealer brush.This is used for applying loose pigments, creating socket lines and for working with smaller detail. It is also a little stiffer than the larger brushes and works brilliantly as a concealer brush.
4. Flat Foundation BrushThis is the traditional foundation brush and will always be an essential make-up kit item. It gives a smooth finish and is great fro getting right under the eyes, contouring, shading and highlighting. Best used with cream and liquid foundations. If using liquid, you may find it easier to apply to your face and blend with the brush.
5. Fibre-Optic Foundation BrushThis is one of the newest brushes around and is my ultimate favourite. I have only been using one for around a year, but adore it! When using the brush it gives an almost airbrushed finish. The fine white bristles are very, very porous, so its best not to apply liquid foundation to the brush but to the face and then blend with the brush. Apply foundation sparingly and gradually build. It is easier to add than to take-away.
6. Lip BrushYou can get very thin, soft brushes or thicker more rigid brushes. Which you use is a personal preference. They both create the perfect lip line.
7. Fine tipped brushPerfect for concealing, getting into the awkward under eye and corner of the eye area and applying liquid eyeliner.
8. Large Blush BrushGreat for using with blushers and bronzers and blending for a natural look
9. Contouring BrushAn angled brush, smaller than a blush brush. Used for contouring and highlighting.
10. Fine angled brushOne brush you cannot live without. It is great for filling in brows and keeping them looking natural and also perfect for creating any kind of eyeliner look. It is fairly stiff (but not hard or sharp) and slim, so allows you to get right along the lash line.
11. Disposables – Lips Brushes, Mascara Wands, Eyeliner, cotton buds, foundation sponges, cosmetic padsHygiene is the utmost important thing when working in make-up. With so many faces being worked with there are hundreds of opportunities to spread germs. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN! Use disposable wands for mascara and NEVER DOUBLE DIP. This means once you have touched an eye with a wand then trash it, do not ever put it back in the mascara tube, and use a new wand.
12. Brush CleanerYou can buy specialist brush cleaners, which will sanitise and clean brushes, you can also use antibacterial shampoo/hand-wash and surgical spirit to sanitise.

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